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Your phone is now your wingman

With Dispatch, your phone can save you from any situation with a simple call or text.


Know you're going to need an out in a few minutes? Schedule a dispatch for any time in the future. We'll wait to send you the dispatch until you've requested, even if the app is closed.

Stealth mode

Not sure when you're going to need a dispatch? By activating stealth mode, Dispatch will listen for the secret signal. This secret signal may be knocking on your phone 7 times. With stealth mode active, feel free to close the app, Dispatch will continue to listen until it detects the pattern, then close.

Call customization

Customize the length of your dispatch calls from very short to long-winded. You can even tell dispatch to have a male or female call you. Pretty slick, and we'll be additional call recordings soon!

Free dispatches

You get 3 free dispatches to try out, and can get additional packs of either 15 or 50 dispatches. Your dispatches never expire, and are always ready to go when you need them. You purchase additional dispatches as an in-app purchase, so we never collect any of your payment information.

Available on App Store

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